E-Z Pay Option

Is your department wanting to get a website going but do not have the start up funds? We have an option for you...

Option #1    12 Months $34.99/mon
Option #2   24 Months $19.99/mon
Option #3   36 Months $14.99/mon
Option #4    48 Months $12.99/mon

Structure Description

The cost of design, domain name, Economy hosting, menu set up, and all support options included. We added the $410.00 plus $60.00 x number of years to determine an EASY-PAY option. After your plan option has completed your yearly cost will be $61.18. This will cover the hosting, and domain name.

getting started

Compared to our competitors

They charge at least $25.00 a month

that is $400.00 a year.  EVERY YEAR!!!