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Welcome, Caintree Web Services and Your Fire Site have been assisting fire departments since 2006. We started providing answers to departments who were simply tired of getting the run around, and being over charged for getting a website started. In the beginning we wanted to just help our local departments. With the chain reaction started by one firefighter who knows a department that needs a site, then so on, and so on. We simply want you to have a website that does what you want. Check around, we are the most affordable providers of web hosting and Fire Department Website Design Solutions for all size departments. We are here to provide reliable hosting solutions and award winning customer service to power your online presence.

Freedom to manage all aspects of your site..

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Complete Fire Department Website Package

Freedom to manageall aspects of your site...

Only $411.18 includes a one time design fee, hosting, and domain name for the first year - Complete Package.. Need Monthly Options? CLICK HERE

(then ONLY $61.18 a year after)

For $411.18 you get 100 e-mail accounts, 100GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, a Domain Name, Fire Department Hosting, Design and Layout, Detailed Instructions, email support, phone support, and video tutorials on how to maintain the new website. You will be able to manage your own content quickly.

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What We Do

  • Configure Email
  • FTP Content Management System
  • Custom php.ini file
  • Configure CMS
  • Create Header
  • Install Specified Modules
  • Install Specified Components
  • Install Photo Gallery
  • Install Security Scripts
  • Install Starter Content
  • Send Email Directions
  • Make Sure Your Confortable Making The Changes
  • Close Out Ticket
  • Provide Continued Support

Special Note - We do not charge any money for the Content Management System. We simply configure it to work as you need. We have taken the guess work out of what to do next. We look forward to Serving Your Website Needs

Testimonial - Walkertown Fire Department

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of recently working with Caintree Web Services. My fire department had struggled in the past to maintain a website with two different companies. Our previous a web site that we had was not updated for over six years!

Not too long ago, I was tasked with creating a functional web site for my department. I researched numerous companies and web service providers. These businesses submitted their price quotes to me and I was truly appalled. The amount of money that it was going to cost to create a department webpage was absolutely ridiculous!

After further research, I stumbled my way upon Your Fire Site. I browsed through the online portfolio and was quite impressed. I knew this was the company to help me get my departments web site up and running! I contacted Your Fire Site by email and I had received a price quote back the same day. This price quote was so cheap it absolutely shocked me!

Once Your Fire Site received a signed check from my department, the ball started rolling immediately. Rodney and I exchanged emails and phone calls to discuss the direction that I wanted the site to go in, and its content. In Just a few days, the majority of the sites framework was complete. I was absolutely impressed!

Rodney and I exchanged a few more emails and phone calls to get some additional applications added to the site. He brings a true meaning to customer service! If I had a question on how to add something to the site all I had to do was pick up the phone and it was taken care of.

The design of the Walkertown Fire Department website is attractive, user friendly and informative.  I can add and edit anything on the site that I want to. The great thing about our site is that we have the flexibility of having a public section and a member’s section. The member’s section is great for adding online shift calendars and department news and events that do not pertain to the public’s interest. You can link your departments email to the site, as well as add department SOG, SOP’s and By-Laws.

I would recommend Your Fire Site to anyone that wants a dependable site that is functional, user friendly and professional. Departments these days are suffering from numerous budget cuts every year. Caintree’s prices are very affordable for any size department or business. Especially for the product that you receive! The customer service relationship with Caintree is bar none. I look forward to furthering our department’s site with Caintree in the future.

Christopher Klutz
Walkertown Fire Department
Walkertown, NC 27051
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Joomla Solution

We specialize in the Joomla content management system. Sites created using Joomla means that you can manage your website entirely online using only your Internet browser. You can customize your website by creating pages and adding popular features, such as: Blogs, Photo Galleries, Discussion Boards, Document Management, and more. If you are familiar with MS Word then you can also edit your website content in real-time using our rich-text editor. Simply update your content, click "save" and your website is updated instantly! We provide detailed Directions on how to manage your site.

Joomla is an open source content management system written in .php. It is fully extensible and customizable through templates, components, and modules.  Joomla can be used to create dynamic, community based websites quickly and easily